So What are the benefits of Investing in land

A central facet of the American dream is the ownership of property. While many consider this to simply be a house or building, the vision behind manifest destinywas about more than 4 walls and a roof. It was about land. Land ownership has been and continues to be a benchmark for many as a way to insulate against financial struggles, diversify your income streams, and maintain sel-sufficiency.

I. So what benefits are there from having a back 40 or a small farm?

Agricultural land already used for food production can continue to provide jobs and revenue with the right plan and leadership. In addition to growing food, these lands

often serve as a permanent or temporary home for game animals and other wildlife. Today's landowners have sportsmen and outfitters lease out privately owned land. Hunting agreements benefit the land owner as a 2nd or 3rd seasonal source of income.

II. Reduced tax burden is a topic that should be a focus for all investors regardless of portfolio types.

III. Self-Sufficiency, Diversified revenue. Reduced tax burden for agricultural purposes.

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