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How to pay off your property quicker

Ideas to pay off your property or loan faster .Even if you got a great deal on your real estate purchase, there are a lot of reasons to pay it off as quickly as you can. For starters, the more of your property you actually own, the more you stand...

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Before You Build Perc Test Guide

Before You Build: DIY Perc Test GuidePerc tests, or percolation tests, aren’t the most glamorous part of buying a property. Most people don’t even give them a second thought until it’s time to put in the septic tank. Yet making sure your future property is septic ready is the only way...

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Benefits to Purchasing Raw Land

Most people purchase land to get rich. Whether they build on it, sit on it, or sell it, raw land is known for being a sound investment. But raw land is so much more than that. With the right imagination and motivation, it can provide you with a bounty of unexpected...

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