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A Quick Guide to Buying Land Part 4

How will you purchase the land?Not all lenders handle vacant land loans, so it may be a bit of a challenge to finance your purchase. The owners of raw land — which is land without any utilities, sewers, or streets — may offer seller financing when they’re selling it. If not, try...

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A Quick Guide to Buying Land Part 3

Are you buying land with easy access?How will you get to the property? If it’s on a main public road, you’ll likely have no problem.Often, especially in rural areas, the only access to a piece of land is over someone else’s property. Without what is known as an “easement,” your property...

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A Quick Guide to Buying Land Part 2

Are there deed restrictions on how you can use the land?A deed is the legal document that transfers ownership of a property. It includes a description of the property, along with any restrictions on what you can build or how you use the land. Deed restrictions are found most often in...

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A Quick Guide to Buying Land Part 1

Do you crave the seclusion of country acres, a piece of land on which to park your tiny home or a buildable lot in the middle of the city? Buying land can offer a more affordable path to homeownership than buying an existing home if done with proper planning.However, the...

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