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As a Buyer, I have a few Questions for the Seller

I have a few questions. What is the legal description of this property?Are their any CCR's?Is there a county maintained road to the property?Are their any assessments on the property?What are the Taxes per year?How deep on average are they drilling for water?Would you consider Financing? and how much down? what...

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Moving unused Cash to make it work for you

HAVE UNUSED CASHFrom small one acre residential lots to larger tracks of farm, ranch and recreational land comprised of many thousands of acres, buyers are re allocating assets and moving available cash to land acquisitions. Wealth diversification has always been a primary goal of big investors, but it applies to smaller investors as well. You do not need to be a...

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Search By Seller Function

Search by Seller can now be accessed through the dropdown SEARCH box

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